It's a match made in Heaven!

One could not be more correct about the Sonneteer range of Amplifiers, Stage Amplifiers and CD players paired with the Penaudio range of high End Speakers. They reproduce the best quality Pro Sound at a fraction of the cost of other High End Systems. The Sedley Stage Amplifier since its conception in, has been championed as the definitive Stage Amp to bring your music alive. With the introduction of USB connection to PC, backing up your old record collection has never been easier. This function also allows the option to use the Sedley as a Pre-Amp.

Penaudio from Finland turn speaker making into an art form, with the breathtakingly beautiful Pro Sound & look of the new Ambient Range, fusing Japanese lines & style with Finnish Technology. And such Audio System is available in Thailand audio shop.

Sonneteer SedleyUSB

Sedley USB

Lofts all round the world are bulging under the weight of old vinyl LPs and record players that have lost their prominence in the living room. Many records have been lost to the attics of this world and may never see the light of day again as they are not available on CD or any other high quality format.

These victims of the digital age can be brought back to life and in the best quality possible by putting them into digital format using a high quality phono stage which connects directly to a computer. That's why High end audio is the best solution.

By dusting off the old record player and plugging in the SedleyUSB from Sonneteer the memories of dancing to the old 45's can be polished, and the thousands of pounds investment in all those LPs can reap new dividends.

So for true music lovers who've put a great deal of love and money into their 45's and LPs, when it comes to storing them on computer, surely only a high quality phono stage will do?

The SedleyUSB from Sonneteer is just that animal and more.

The Sedley phono stage is the device that connects between your record player and your Audio system. The SedleyUSB from Sonneteer has the addition of a USB connection which allows it to talk to your computer.

So now all your vinyl favourites can be preserved in digital form at the highest possible quality while at the same time allowing you to carry them with you in your car or MP3 player.

Once more, the SedleyUSB has the added bonus of letting you play sounds from your computer, like internet Radio or the music now stored on your hard drive, back through your music system for maximum enjoyment.

All this with the added assurance of high quality PA Sound System as is expected from a Sonneteer designed product.

Sonneteer are a high end British audio design specialist with one foot deeply immersed in the British high quality audio tradition and the other at the summit of cutting edge, high quality, audio technology. The Sonneteer SedleyUSB is the true synergy of the traditional high end quality Pro Sound with the best of the digital age.

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